Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit

Which of the following statements seems the most natural to your way of thinking about your life?:

  1. I have a body.
  2. I am a body.
  3. I have a mind.
  4. I am a mind.

Further, if you found “have” to be more natural than “am”, give this some thought:

Just who is the “I” that would “have” a body and/or a mind? Is that “I” separate from your mind and body?

Interesting puzzle, eh?  I’ve been working on the distinctions in the terms mentioned in the title of this article and I’m not done yet.  This includes the words body and soul, so let’s see which you prefer of these:

  1. I have a soul.
  2. I am a soul.
  3. I have a spirit.
  4. I am a spirit.

Does one of these strike you as a more natural way of thinking about your identity than do the previous four?

I am particularly interested in whether man’s awareness of himself includes some sense of such things.  I invite your comments below.

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